Friday, January 8, 2016

Skin Tag on Nipple Bleeding

Skin tag on nipple  bleeding can cause a fair amount of anxiety. It is natural to worry a bit if you have a skin tag on any part of your upper torso and notice that it is looking red, irritated or has actually started to bleed.

Quite a few people have skin tags. In fact, women are more likely to develop them during pregnancy, because of the hormonal changes that their bodies go through. Skin tag on nipple bleeding is not quite as bad as it looks.

If you have a relatively small skin tag on nipple, it is likely that the bleeding will soon stop. Bleeding may be caused by the neck of the skin tag being damaged or twisted as you go about your regular activities. if you notice slight bleeding, that is a sign that you need to remove the skin tag.

Removing skin tags is not always necessary but if they are in a position where they may be accidentally damaged, it is better for you to control the time and place that they are removed. Skin tag freeze away is a good option for removing most skin tags. It is however, likely that women may not be comfortable using this method on an area of skin which is as sensitive as the nipples.

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